Day: February 20, 2013


“I walk a mile everyday; sunshine, rain, cold bother me not. I need no luxury; water, food, shelter is enough for my survival” This picture shows a Kandhar girl with a child. This tribe reside in the forest of Sasan Gir, Gujarat. They have made shelters in the forest and are protected by the government. Though tourists in the famous wild life sanctuary for Asiatic lions were busy searching the king of the jungle, the girl seemed to only care about fetching water and complete one of her daily chores. Advertisements


                                                                                                                           “My expressions are louder than my words. The lines on my face show the years i have withered, my sullen eyes show the stories i have gathered,       my face….says it all” I took this picture at Kelkar Studio in Goa. It was monsoon and hence an off-season for travelers. The studio, with an attached restaurant, was closed but few art pieces still existed near the porch. This art piece told the story of once busy and happy place which was waiting to see the kaleidoscope of emotions again.