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Greed,Ambition..two sides of a mirror

One colleague in the office says to another “Really! Wow he is so ambitious”, the other one replies “Bullshit, he is just plain greedy”…
This looks like a regular water cooler or cafeteria conversation (the “bitching” time) between people, against or for someone who is progressing well in the office. But is greed and ambition two different things or two sides of the same coin? Is the earlier bad and the later good? Should one feel guilty if he/she is greedy and pleased if ambitious?
Greed V/s Ambition has always has been a controversial topic of discussion but to me these are mere similar words & how we define it, is purely our opinion.
Greed is defined as follows in Wikipedia – an inordinate desire to acquire or possess more than one needs. It is typically used to criticize those who seek excessive material wealth, although it may apply to the need to feel more excessively moral, social, or otherwise better than someone else. (When you look at the definition in Wikipedia look at the art forms interpreting the meaning of the word, it’s totally sinister).
However ambition is being defined as – the desire for personal achievement.
If you look at the definitions closely “Greed” has a negative connotation to it whereas “Ambition” is full of positivity. Since childhood we have been made to understand that greed is bad. We should not ask for more than our share. And we always have been taught that we should be ambitious in life, and have hunger to achieve more. But did someone define the limits here? I guess no one.
Today at this very time, do you feel happy with what you are earning, what you are learning everyday or what you have achieved for yourself? If you say yes and you say “Ya, but still I have to become XYZ or achieve XYZ in life” are you sure that’s not ambition but greed? – The desire to achieve something more than ones needs? Because if we are happy and satisfied why do we still look for that something unfulfilled? The innate desire to always have something better in life lies in all of us. Some recognize it some don’t. We overlook what we feel and claim others who do the same, Greedy.
We all our ambitious – we have ambition to achieve higher status in our professional life, to earn more and more very year, have that promotion every year, gain that one more customer for the business or sell that extra copy of the book written. We have ambition to get that new appliance/gadget/vehicle or we are just ambitious to achieve recognition within our circle, community or across the globe (thanks to social media which gives a platform to realize the last one). Our ambition is nothing but plain greed. Greed to have more than what we have right now!
But greed is not bad so is ambition unless the effects of it make us feel wrong. A lot of time greed and ambition does affect someone. How many of you have proved during an appraisal that your work is better than rest of the team and have got that much awaited promotion. How many times for recognition we have twisted few facts here and there to gain grounds over others. Have you ever tried getting closer to someone by revealing some mean things that other “friend” said? Or just to get that new car or TV have you asked your child/mom/dad/wife/husband to buy that important thing of theirs some other time?
Many of you would say “well that did not cost someone dear, it was just one off” well I would say at that very time you had been “Greedy” Jso would you still say greed is bad? Huh?
So next time when someone desires for more think twice to give him/her names, as we all have an inherent greed or ambition hidden deep down in our soul. Don’t be ashamed of it as we all need goals to have a purpose to our life.
Just remember one thing when you go after a greed or ambition next time- if you have even the slightest hint of guilt lurking over you, it’s a SIGNAL that your need/want/aspiration is sinister!
Greed or ambition is just a human emotion for desiring more, whether it’s good or evil depends on what it takes from you and your surroundings to attain it!
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