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What is it about Amricaa oops the United States of America

For long I have been in awe of Amricaa (does that remind you of outsourced huh) and always dreamt of visiting the country atleast once in my lifetime. My dream came true and at a time when it was least expected. The anticipation or wait of landing my feet on the American soil was good enough to give me sleepless nights and day dreams! I did not even realize and I was on board and off to the destination of my dreams. I had heard stories of how a 20 hours long journey takes a toll on your body, you run out of options of warding off time, you are jet lagged and so on & so forth. To my surprise I slept like a baby and was all fresh to the mornings of the stop over and the final destination (it’s as if when you really want something you are already set for it..hehe). 
Beautiful Souvenir shop at Charles de Gaulle
A 10 day long trip, some site seeing, some business meetings, discussions, dinners and friendly lunches and trip my lovely trip came to an end. A day before my flight back to India I was reminiscing the days I spent there and was trying to find an answer to my own question, what is it about this country that makes people go gaga about it and brings a twinkle in their eye when they speak about it. Well I had found my reasons. 
The country shows value towards every existent being, no shape,size,form matters. True we do not see that disconnect between lives in this part of the world but you just cannot beat the spirit the nation has to make life easier and productive for each of its citizens. This infuses the positivity in the air and in every soul and reflects in the attitude of people (remember American casual friendliness). When you talk to people they are just so enthusiastic about everything and even if they are little aware of what you are talking about there would be no sign of disinterest in your blabber. But of-course there is straight forwardness. There is no grey area, if it has to be done give your 100% if not, there are no obligatory efforts (straight and clear without the blink of an eye). And the best is the sense of responsibility towards surroundings that make you and the surroundings you make. An act of self discipline. And that is why there are genuine efforts to lead a happy life on your own terms, no shackles, no boundaries, no constraints.
The lessons i have learnt from my trip or the experiences i have gathered are making my life (both personal & professional) better and enjoyable! The very principals of civic sense, self discipline, respect and symbiotic freedom make a country and its people progressive and successful. You get what you give.
Mary Tyler Moore statue at Minneapolis

My first visit has left me wanting for more. I have seen the mid west, people say there is funk and charm on the west coast and intellect on the east. Waiting to pack my bags and dig through my cheese layered mountain of nachos and cherish my ice filled cola again..woo hooo..
Lake @ Farmington
St. Croix River (blue waters and serene cluster of maple trees)
Roadside sit-out @ Minneapolis
Candyland @ St.Paul (the store was a kid’s dream come true)
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