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Back to college-lessons unlearnt about enterprenurship

Hello World,

Every now and then i have realized that life is an ECG chart! It has a low and then it shows a peak, well very unromantically i would say it resembles the stock market movement too. When we have the highs we are like a bucket full of vibrant ideas and energy and when we hit the low we have a dark shadow of unworthiness that bogs us down and we fail within.

Today i attended a session by the famous author of “The $100 Startup”, Chris Guillebeau. The session was hosted by the famous SPJMIR college in Mumbai. I was surrounded by almost 50 students or i would say professionals and entrepreneurs in making who were overwhelmed by the idea of “making a difference”. I loved the energy and the freshness of thoughts they were exuding. Chris beautifully defined his idea of entrepreneurship and the definition of “SUCCESS”.

During the Q&A round, i was keenly listening to the questions the students had. How to overcome fear, how to manage the mundane and take out time for what you like, how to make a thriving business, were among the questions that emoted the thoughts of the crowd.

My 3 key take away from the session:

1. Evolution– I think i am in love with this word. Nothing can make you what you want to be in a day. Its a process, slow and steady (like the turtle of the hare and turtle story). You fear, you dare, you go, you discover, you learn and you grow..that’s how you evolute

2. Define your own success: I could be a Mukesh Ambani and not feel successful or i could be a Solopreneur with an income to fulfill my basic needs and feel successful! It depends on what is the target that you set for yourself. Greed is an unquenchable thirst. You have to define your own success, your own happiness. Do not run behind an oasis that never exists.

3. Learn to trade-off (& be happy about it): No body is a Superman or Superwoman. ACCEPT THAT. We cannot achieve all the good to have things which we dream of for an ideal world. Identify the priorities and be committed to them. You might not be able to watch your favorite show or cook your favorite recipe or meet that best friend or complete that other project, but if you know what’s MOST IMPORTANT in your life and if you are doing it, smile before going to bed and be happy about yourself. Shower some love on the soul.

There are several thousand books on building an empire and several excellent people and groups that help you build a business of your dream, but as they say if the foundation is weak a strong structure cannot be built.

So be a student (like we were in school) fearless, our thoughts reaching the horizon, and the insane bravery to be embarrassed and courage to find our own happiness. 

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